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Boohoo Sass

Hey babes, 

So as most of you are probably aware, this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the amazing El Dorado festival reporting on behalf of the fabulous boohoo team across their social media. I'll fill you in all the spicy El Dorado gossip in my next post ;) (Lifestyle section).

DSC_0448 (1).jpg


Anyway I had to share a quick post on this beautiful bardot denim playsuit from boohoo! I can't get enough of it. Teamed with this beautiful boho chic bucket bag from Joy. Plus the sun has finally decided to join us, which means it was only necessary to get the pins out. 

P.s. If you're not already, make sure you're following me on Snapchat for all live sassy updates 'Radelaide20'

Stay Sassy, xoxo

Playsuit: Boohoo

Heels: Pretty Little Thing

Bag: Joy

Hat: Forever 21

Watch: Casio

Bracelet: Jim Kersie


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Festival Beauty Prep Sass

Hello loves, 

Summer has finally arrived, which means so has the festival season. After about a month of teasing I'm pleased to finally share with you my 'Sassy Festival Guide', I've been privileged to team up with a bunch of fabulous brands so get excited. Let's kick off with some beauty prep. Besides the essential spacious waterproof tent and the sassiest dry shampoo why on earth is beauty prep before a festival not stressed enough?! 3 days of camping in the humid and muggy UK summer isn't exactly going to do wonders for anybody's skin. So fear not, I have the ultimate beauty products to save your skin in the run up to each of your much awaited festivals!

I present to you, the amazing Tea Tree line by our much loved Superdrug. As we all know (If you don't you're about to find out) Tea Tree products are the foolproof go to for all skin types. Scientifically proven Tea Tree is known for its amazing healing power. If you're like me, you'll have the seasonal transitioning issue with your skin. One minute the weather is hot, the next it's cold...yup the weather has been known to be my skins nemesis from time to time. However it wasn't until I began using this amazing Tea Tree line this problem was practically saved! They have a plethora of different products within their range, so I have picked out my faves that I use religiously!

The mud mask has to be my favourite item out of the bunch! Using these a few times a week is the perfect deep pore cleanser for clear and silky soft skin. They also have a peel off mask which is amazing! You can feel magic happening with the tingling sensation within your pores. Even after 1 use, you'll certainly begin to notice a difference.

Make sure you're not left out, or even worse...left suffering with unsightly skin at your upcoming festival! Understandably you won't be following the strictest regime whilst your shuffling for 3/4days straight. So keep using these products leading up to your departure to a festival and your gorgeous skin will undoubtedly be maintained for a few days without the beloved Tea Tree. Click on the links below to get your hands on these sassy skincare products, unbeatable prices! 

So "What's next" you ask? What if I was to tell you what I have in my festival bag? ;) (& what you should keep in yours) Stay tuned.

Stay Sassy, xoxo

Mud Mask

Exfoliating Cream Wash

Facial Wash

Nose Strips

Cleanser & Toner

Cleansing Wipes


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Coachella Sass


Coachella Sass

Hey Babes, 

With Coachella kick starting off the music festival season with a bang all I can say right now is OH EM GEE the outfits though! And a question, why on earth was I not there? No but seriously why?? (*Insert crying emoji*) Fix it Jesus.

I am in absolute awe with the unique creativity these ladies (and their stylists) have put into their festival outfits. With command from renowned style muses, these ladies have revived why music festivals are the ultimate destination to showcase the utmost fearless and festive fashions (incorporating your own personal flair of course) "A fashion endorsed catwalk." It's been a tough call, but narrowing it down so here are my top 7 sassy Coachella picks:

1. Ms Hilton

2. Kylizzle

3. Ken - doll

4. Sassy Festival Go-er

5. Sassy Festival Go - er

6. Sassy Festival Go - er

7. Sassy Festival Go - er

With the season of summer upon us, it's only right that we are to also convert with it. T'is the season I'm feeling for masses of lace & crochet, a lot of skin, accessorised for gawwwds honey, and PLENTY of SASS! Who knew rainbow coloured hair would go so well with hella' sequins and 3 sizeable eyes staring you in the face?

This has honestly gotten me so unbelievably excited for summer and the fab upcoming festivals! I literally cannot wait to get my Sass on and transform into the festival chic goddess that has been crying to re - enter into my life this summer, I might even have to name her?! I'll let you know how I get on with that one ;)

P.s. Which festivals will you babes be attending this summer...?

Stay Sassy, xoxo


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Houndstooth Sass

Happy Monday, 

I've been working on some exciting projects with online retailer Pretty Little Thing for a little while and this weekend has been one of the craziest by far! Cyber weekend has taken off to storming start and is still in full effect for Cyber Monday, so make sure to get your hands on some sassy treats in the sales. With the frosty weather upon us it's all about layering, check out my sassy monochrome all houndstooth errrythang look! As I'm sure you can tell by now I love any excuse to casually work a statement outfit, it's all about having fun. So be brave and head over to to get your hands on my look.

Stay Sassy, xoxo

Coat: Pretty Little Thing

Trousers: Pretty Little Thing

Boots: Pretty Little Thing

Top: Missguided

Bag: Paul's Boutique

Hat: H&M





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