Hey Babes, 

With Coachella kick starting off the music festival season with a bang all I can say right now is OH EM GEE the outfits though! And a question, why on earth was I not there? No but seriously why?? (*Insert crying emoji*) Fix it Jesus.

I am in absolute awe with the unique creativity these ladies (and their stylists) have put into their festival outfits. With command from renowned style muses, these ladies have revived why music festivals are the ultimate destination to showcase the utmost fearless and festive fashions (incorporating your own personal flair of course) "A fashion endorsed catwalk." It's been a tough call, but narrowing it down so here are my top 7 sassy Coachella picks:

1. Ms Hilton

2. Kylizzle

3. Ken - doll

4. Sassy Festival Go-er

5. Sassy Festival Go - er

6. Sassy Festival Go - er

7. Sassy Festival Go - er

With the season of summer upon us, it's only right that we are to also convert with it. T'is the season I'm feeling for masses of lace & crochet, a lot of skin, accessorised for gawwwds honey, and PLENTY of SASS! Who knew rainbow coloured hair would go so well with hella' sequins and 3 sizeable eyes staring you in the face?

This has honestly gotten me so unbelievably excited for summer and the fab upcoming festivals! I literally cannot wait to get my Sass on and transform into the festival chic goddess that has been crying to re - enter into my life this summer, I might even have to name her?! I'll let you know how I get on with that one ;)

P.s. Which festivals will you babes be attending this summer...?

Stay Sassy, xoxo