Boomtown Sass 2019

To all of my avid readers, as you know I have attended my fair share of music/art festivals. For the first time this year I decided to attend Boomtown Fair for their eleventh (year) chapter, after years of hearing how incredible it is. Prior to attending Boomtown I had the chance to interview Boomtown’s creative producer. If you haven’t yet read it, check it out here. As much as I anticipated it to be a wonderful experience, I definitely was not mentally prepared for what was truly in store. I’ll be dropping my Boomtown Aftermovie soon in the meantime make sure you have subscribed to my YouTube channel here.

Keep reading for more and all of the tagged outfit details…

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As you’re aware, your girl needs to be extra AF all day everyday, and my festival experiences mustn’t fall short of any boujee experiences available. This meant opting to stay in Boomtown Springs. A VIP immersive glamping experience, which of course had the expected luxuries like 24 hour security protected area and the posh loos/showers etc. Springs also offered a huge mansion complimented with a swimming pool, sun loungers and a private bar/restaurant. Who knew I could order my fave, eggs royale and an iced latte delivered straight to my table at a festival!

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Boomtown you were simply amazing and despite the occasional extreme weather conditions I honestly have never experienced something so visually thrilling and overwhelming. This year Boomtown introduced a new district called area 404. Each of their fourteen themed districts hosted artists such as Ms Lauryn Hill, Salt N Pepa, The Streets, Groove Armada, Prophets of Rage and UB40 to name a few. Click here for a full list of Boomtown’s Chapter 11 lineup!

Chapter 11 I am definitely feeling the Boomtown blues and would love to re-live those four days again. Chapter 12, I already cannot wait to see what you have in store. See you next year Boomtown from the 12-16th August for “New Beginnings.” Make sure you keep checking back on their website for their early release tickets going on sale in early November!

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El Dorado Festival Sass 2019

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El Dorado Festival, this year I came to play and…slay! For their fourth year running I entered a magical world for three days of fun, shenanigans and sass! This year I’ve had so much fun planning each of these outfits and had the pleasure of working with some of my favourite brands, and some new favourites. I decided to go for a whole new look for my 2019 festival outfits, and this year I focused a lot more on accessorising with statement colourful pieces and WIGS. Each of my sourced accessories were tactfully mixed and matched in a way I would definitely regard as my most extra AF outfits! Keep reading for all of the sassy details…

El Dorado 7 (1).jpg
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This year El Dorado Festival introduced some new stages: El Paradisco, Mount Boom and Sasscienda. I also came across a secret stage that was hidden away until it’s secret doors opened at around 10pm. Amongst the hustle and bustle this secret stage was like walking into a new dimension. Either that or I’ve just binged watched way too many episodes of stranger things whilst recovering post festival! Decorated with what looked like leaves covering the walls highlighted with green lights, I was definitely feeling the jungle vibes for their Jungle Boogie theme for 2019!

El Dorado 3.jpg

My festival experiences will always require glamping and whatever luxuries are available. I stayed with Hotel Bell Tent with five of my friends and it was an amazing experience. I have ‘glamped’ with Hotel Bell Tent for for several years now and their services are always on point. Fully furnished bell tents with real beds, bedding, mirrors, showers etc, and a reception with helpful and friendly staff - it's like a home away from home. They host several festivals/events in the UK and also provide services for private events. Their festival packages differ and can accommodate smaller or larger budgets. Check out their website here for further details about their services, and why not treat yourself?

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For three days each guest was treated to artists such as Andy C, Purple Disco Machine, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Shy FX, Jasper James and Mr Scruff to name a few. To finish off the incredible weekend headline act Kool and The Gand graced El Dorado’s Garden stage for a fantastic performance, topped off with a finale fireworks display to their famous song “Celebration.'‘

If you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here and keep an eye out for announcements on when my sassy El Dorado Festival after movie goes live. Where you will see some of the sassy action, fashion and shenanigans!

Gold Captain’s Hat: RML Designs

Gold Embellished LED Bra: RML Designs

Rainbow Wings: iHeartRaves

Sequin Fringe Shorts: ASOS

Gold Face Jewels: In Your Dreams

Gold/Silver Glitter: In Your Dreams

Teal Wig: AliExpress

See you in 2020 El Dorado!

Stay sassy, xoxo



Femme Luxe Sass

This week I’m seriously in the mood for some matchy matchy vibes and I was feeling inspired, so I absolutely loved putting together these two sassy outfits from Femme Luxe Finery. You’ll notice how I’ve accessorised with the same dogtooth coat, DKNY bag and perspex heels for both outfits, yet they are two completely different styles.

This is a paid blog post in collaboration with  Femme Luxe Finery

This is a paid blog post in collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery

First let’s start with my sexy sassy lace outfit in all black. I got my hands on this gorgeous PU leather midi skirt from Femme Luxe Finery with a high split in the middle. This is literally one of my favourite skirts I own because it gives you the elegance of a modest midi skirt, but the high slit allows you to give a cheeky flash of your legs. The PU leather gives the skirt a sexy finish, teamed with a lace bodysuit that I got from Ann Summers a while ago. Lace bodysuits are a favourite item in my wardrobe and extremely versatile. You can get your hands on a very similar lace bodysuit from Femme Luxe Finery if you check out their wide range here. If you have been keeping up with my blog or Instagram posts you will have noticed this exact same bodysuit that I have teamed with several of my previous outfits.

Green 7.jpg

In the next outfit I’ve gone for a grey ribbed loungewear co-ord which is also from Femme Luxe Finery. Check out more of their stylish lounge sets here. This is a very plain but gorgeous set with a turtleneck finish, which was so easily dressed or “sassed” up if you will with the same accessories. So there you have it, two very different outfits that can be easily styled with the same accessories. Enjoy, and treat yourself. They currently have a sale on with 50% off so don’t miss out! Outfit links are below.

Stay sassy, xoxo

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Pulse Light Clinic Hollywood Sass

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram stories you will have seen I’ve been receiving laser hair removal treatment with Pulse Light Clinic. They have two clinics based in Tottenham Court Road and Bank. I initially started on my underarms with about 8 sessions. Click here to read my previous post discussing my experience. Whilst continuing with the occasional top up of the underarms, this time I moved onto a new area…hollywood!


Ok so to put it bluntly, a hollywood laser treatment basically means literally EVERYTHING down there gets zapped. If you’re shy, you may as well get rid of that now because EVERYTHING is on display, but not to fear - the technicians have consistently been professional, friendly and made sure that I comfortable throughout. I was honestly sh**ting myself prior to my first few sessions, but now I don’t think twice when it’s time to strip down and get my laser on.

You will always require having a patch test prior to your treatment whenever you move on to a new area. This is to make sure that your skin doesn’t react badly to the laser. Each hollywood laser session then lasts for around 15 minutes or so, and I’m not going to lie… it does hurt in certain areas! Now before I get into that, everyone’s pain threshold differs, and mine sucks! I’m not good with pain, never have been. I was made fully aware that receiving a hollywood laser is probably the most painful area to go for, but I wanted it regardless, and was confident my results would be worth it. The procedure is completely non invasive and you are given aloe vera gel for the treated areas post treatment.

I was also informed that the pain may seem much more apparent closer to when you’re menstruating. So ladies, I’d suggest trying to book your appointments as furthest away from your time of the month as possible.

My laser treatment was gifted to me by Pulse Light Clinic, and the views discussed in the post are fully my own and completely honest.

My laser treatment was gifted to me by Pulse Light Clinic, and the views discussed in the post are fully my own and completely honest.

If laser hair removal is something you have been contemplating, I would definitely recommend it. Remember to ask as your technician questions as you need to so that you are fully prepared before starting your laser treatment. Pulse Light Clinic have been extremely informative before and throughout my treatments, and their professionalism and expertise will speak for itself. My results have been incredible, and have exceeded my expectations by far. I’ll be moving on to a different area so keep an eye out on my Instagram stories and I’ll be reporting back to you here about my results!

Just imagine never having to purchase a razor again, this means more dolla’ for cocktails yaaaas! Time to find the sassiest happy hour. If the financial aspect of the laser treatments are a concern, Pulse Light Clinic offer finance options including a free initial consultation and patch test. Click here for their price list.

I’ll be moving on to a different area next, so keep an eye out on my Instagram stories and I’ll be reporting back to you here about my results! Scroll down for all of the links to my sassy outfit.

Stay Sassy, xoxo

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