Hey guys!

So recently I teamed up with the lovely team at Vivid Matcha Green Tea to embark upon a 7 day challenge. This challenge consisted of substituting coffee with Vivid Green Tea

I was somewhat sceptical to take part as I am a tea and coffee lover and the thought of not having my fair few cups a day pretty much gave me premature premature withdrawal symptoms. Yes this may sound dramatic (I'm sassy what do you expect) but for all of my fellow caffeine addicts you'll understand the fear of such a daunting thought. Nevertheless I decided to challenge myself and completely quite the caffeine cold turkey for 7 days!

 Day 1 was rather testing and I was tempted to have the cheeky cup or two convincing myself I'll start tomorrow, however I decided to stay true to the challenge and followed through with my Caffeine War. Day 2 was a lot better, and I actually felt fine with the Green Tea. I actually felt revitalised and more refreshed, surprisingly the green tea was giving me a similar effect of alertness throughout my day. Skip through to day 6 and on this penultimate day I've pretty much began looking forward to having my first cup of Green Tea! Who knew?

I'll be honest, I'd never particularly been a fan of green tea, not because I didn't like it, but simply due to the fact that I didn't really understand the taste. Practically everyone else I know seems to always drink it religiously, but to me it basically tasted like water with a hint of suttin' suttin', so that unbeknown hint of taste has always left me steering clear of the beverage. 

To be fair I've only tried a few sips from several green teas so I didn't exactly give it a fair chance. But after completing my 7 day challenge I'm actually surprised at how much I've grown to love it! Feeling refreshed and energised I honestly wasn't particularly missing my several daily doses of coffee. 

My recommendation? Go and get your hands on some ASAP! What's more, this green tea contains natural Caffeine (all the good bits). The stylish packaging and the portable bottle coming in  a plethora of delicious flavours, one of which being Grape & Elderflower (My fave) allows you to be Vivid anytime  of the day wherever you may be! www.vividdrinks.com

Stay Sassy - Stay Vivid, xoxo