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Dazzled Sass

Hello darlings, 

I've been feeling extremely inspired by a recent trip and felt no better way than to express this through a supercalafragisliticwhatevertherestis colourful outfit. I got this jazzy number from Dazzle & Jolt who specialise in the most colourful and sassiest patterned designs you ever did see! Check them out more of their stuff here. I oh so nearly teamed this outfit with a pair of new high heeled ankle boots I recently received, but a last minute change of mind led me to think "f•ck it, who am I kidding right now?" - my feet are still sore AF from London Fashion Week and your girl needed a gat damn break.

Colourful 2.jpg

I instead decided to team this outfit with a pair of my 'Old Skool' Vans for a classic yet simple finish. If you haven't already then I suggest investing in a pair, they are comfiest pair of shoes I own and will literally suit anybody. Get yours here!

Colourful 3 (1).jpg

FYI "It's October 3rd", so if you're not planning on watching Mean Girls this evening and sipping on a milkshake then you'll be missing out on being personally victimised by Regina George. Even I can't risk experiencing that kind of FOMO. That is all...

Stay Sassy, xoxo