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Pulse Light Clinic Sass

Pulse Light Clinic has two London branches based in Tottenham Court Road and Bank

Pulse Light Clinic has two London branches based in Tottenham Court Road and Bank

Hey darlings,

Wanna know what I've been getting up to for the past few months? Welllllll... I decided to start the process of laser hair removal. Now let's be honest, for those of you who also prefer to be smooth and hairless the process of constant shaving, waxing etc can be rather tedious. Now before I get into the details I want to make it very clear that I completely respect those of you who prefer to stay au natural, it's all down to personal preference and regardless a woman/man's body should be respected.

Inside Clinic.jpg

So, I had been contemplating the laser hair removal route for a few years now however I'd read about some horror stories/rumours that had slightly put me off. However further research lead me to come across Pulse Light Clinic who offer a range of skin treatments specialising in laser treatments such as laser hair removal.

The benefits of laser hair removal:

1. Reduction of ingrown hairs

2. Smoother skin

3. Not having to shave or wax

4. Less irritation to the skin

5. Permanent hair reduction

6. Reduces excessive hair growth (PCOS)

7. Smaller pores & easy stress free body

The way laser hair removal works is by the laser targeting the melanin in the dark hair follicle, to which the hair follicle is destroyed through a process called Photothermolysis. But as a lady with dark skin which obviously means high levels of melanin this was a concern, which then lead me to wonder "how on earth is that supposed to be safe if used on dark skin?" However after speaking with Pulse light clinic and reading into the treatment it was brought to my attention that newer laser machines have been designed to detect dark skin from the hair follicle, resulting in successful treatments for people with dark skin too. The most recommended laser for dark skin is the Gentle Max Pro.

I quickly booked my consultation a their Tottenham Court Road clinic which is free of charge including a patch test, after 48 hours I was ready to start my laser hair removal treatment. The results Have been incredible! I could literally notice a difference after my first session. The recommended amount of sessions are up to eight dependant on the persons hair every six weeks. Head over to their website here for further info about laser hair removal and their range of services they have on offer. Keep your eyes peeled for news about what area I'll be moving onto next! 

Stay sassy, xoxo

Outfit details

Jacket - Topshop

 T shirt - Liquor N Poker (SASSY-20 discount code for 20% off)

Sunglasses - Jimmy Fairly

Jeans - Topshop

Shoes - Vans




London Lifestyle Awards 2017

Hey darlings, 

It's here, it's arrived! On Tuesday 14th November I attended the London Lifestyle Awards which has most definitely earned its right to be London's best night of the year. In attendance were London's best businesses, entrepreneur's and public figures. Their seventh year welcomed the awards on an even bigger and better scale hosted at London's multi award winning events venue The Brewery where guests arrived suited, booted and of course sassy. The dress code was so rightly stated as 'Dress for the Press' . The evening commenced with a drinks reception followed by fine dining which then lead on to the very much anticipated awards ceremony. We then celebrated and danced the night away with a special after party to conclude.

Sassy Fashion Rudy & London Lifestyle Awards CEO Jason Gale

This year I opted for a sassy mermaid vibe in my gorgeous silk gown with lace detail and sassy slit. Party season is in full swing and this is the perfect statement number for those of you who are feeling extra sassy. Team with velvet heels and a matching red lip. To steal my look visit House of CB for the gown here, and the velvet heels from JustFab here. Happy shopping!


And the 2017 winners are...

1. Coffee Shop of The Year - My Place Soho

2. Cultural attraction of The Year - The British Museum

3. Best Live Entertainment of The Year - The London Cabaret Club

4. Late Night Venue of The Year - Tape London

5. Beauty Facility of The Year - EF Medispa

6. Bar of The Year - Radio Rooftop Bar

7. Restaurant of The Year - Coya

8. Fitness Facility of The Year - Barry's Bootcamp

9. Members Club of The Year - South Kensington Club

10. Fashion Retailer of The Year - Emma Willis

11. Hair Salon of The Year - Errol Douglas

12. Pub of The Year - The Lighterman

13. Hotel of The Year - The Mondrian

14. Theatre Show of The Year - Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

15. Busker of The Year - El'tee

16. Best New Lifestyle Business - Albert's Club

17. Outstanding contribution to London Lifestyle - Beaufort House Chelsea

18. Lifestyle Business of The Year - MNKY HSE

A huge congratulations to the well deserved winners! It must be celebrated that you are a significant contribution as to what makes our capital city London as fabulous (and sassy) as it is. Let's not forget to give a well done to our fantastic shortlisted nominees. If you're ever stuck for what to do around London and need some ideas, make sure to check out the winners and the fantastic experiences they have to offer. Unfortunately I hear far too often from people based in London that even though they have lived here for several years they still haven't bothered to experience many of the amazing places that make London so fabulous. Now if I have anything to do with it that definitely has to change... Click on the links above, you're spoilt for choice!.

I gave you several live sneak peaks of the awards on my Instagram stories so take a look at the official video below to get a further look into what the glamorous night held. Cheers to 2017!

Stay sassy, xoxo





Dazzled Sass

Hello darlings, 

I've been feeling extremely inspired by a recent trip and felt no better way than to express this through a supercalafragisliticwhatevertherestis colourful outfit. I got this jazzy number from Dazzle & Jolt who specialise in the most colourful and sassiest patterned designs you ever did see! Check them out more of their stuff here. I oh so nearly teamed this outfit with a pair of new high heeled ankle boots I recently received, but a last minute change of mind led me to think "f•ck it, who am I kidding right now?" - my feet are still sore AF from London Fashion Week and your girl needed a gat damn break.

Colourful 2.jpg

I instead decided to team this outfit with a pair of my 'Old Skool' Vans for a classic yet simple finish. If you haven't already then I suggest investing in a pair, they are comfiest pair of shoes I own and will literally suit anybody. Get yours here!

Colourful 3 (1).jpg

FYI "It's October 3rd", so if you're not planning on watching Mean Girls this evening and sipping on a milkshake then you'll be missing out on being personally victimised by Regina George. Even I can't risk experiencing that kind of FOMO. That is all...

Stay Sassy, xoxo


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Straight up Sass

Hey darling's, 

Wanna know my first step to being sassy? STOP over thinking your outfits! I know that may sound easier said than done, but the majority of the time all I will do is decide on the type of look I am going for dependant on where/what I'm going to and put together some pieces in my head. Nine times out of ten this is usually my method of styling an outfit rather than standing around all of my clothes and having to decided there and then what I'm after. Once I have an idea of what look I'm going for in my head it's much easier for me to head over to my wardrobe and pick out an outfit.

Rudy dress 1 (2).jpg

So I've had this T-shirt dress from Pretty Little Thing just sitting in my wardrobe for months now because admittedly I had slightly forgotten I had it! I decided to wear it to the London Lifestyle Awards shortlist event at Mahiki last week so we scheduled a shoot before the event began. If you haven't already check out my post featuring the event here.

Rudy11 (1).jpg
Rudy 10 (1).jpg

As you can tell we were extremely lucky with the weather on this day so it was a super fun street shoot with on of my favourite photographers. We started off treating ourselves to some Prosecco before shooting so we could catch up in the sun, anyway I digress. T-Shirt, Ankle Boots, Fluffy jacket, Cat Eye Sunglasses and BAM! Sassy AF. Easy right? Let's slay together!

Stay sassy, xoxo

T-Shirt Dress: Pretty Little Thing

Jacket: Missguided

Boots: Public Desire

Sunglasses: Stella McCartney

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