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Dazzled Sass

Hello darlings, 

I've been feeling extremely inspired by a recent trip and felt no better way than to express this through a supercalafragisliticwhatevertherestis colourful outfit. I got this jazzy number from Dazzle & Jolt who specialise in the most colourful and sassiest patterned designs you ever did see! Check them out more of their stuff here. I oh so nearly teamed this outfit with a pair of new high heeled ankle boots I recently received, but a last minute change of mind led me to think "f•ck it, who am I kidding right now?" - my feet are still sore AF from London Fashion Week and your girl needed a gat damn break.

Colourful 2.jpg

I instead decided to team this outfit with a pair of my 'Old Skool' Vans for a classic yet simple finish. If you haven't already then I suggest investing in a pair, they are comfiest pair of shoes I own and will literally suit anybody. Get yours here!

Colourful 3 (1).jpg

FYI "It's October 3rd", so if you're not planning on watching Mean Girls this evening and sipping on a milkshake then you'll be missing out on being personally victimised by Regina George. Even I can't risk experiencing that kind of FOMO. That is all...

Stay Sassy, xoxo



LFW Bloggers Sass

Hey loves, 

Who else is as excited for the much anticipated London Fashion Week next month as much as I am?!

Last season I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive bloggers breakfast and hangout hosted by the fabulous The Blogger Programme. First of all, starting your day with a delicious breakfast over the most gorgeous table setting, having girly chats with like minded ladies was certainly my definition of #squadgoals.

Not only were we treated to a special breakfast, the morning also consisted of being absolutely spoilt by gifts from gorgeous brands such as Superdry, Public Desire, Nine Lives, and Orelia London to name a few. The duration of the day then went on to transform into an absolute dream where we were treated to a special salon experience getting our hair and nails done by the ultimate glam squad, also being joined by a plethora of brands which were showcasing products from their new lines.

Anyway I'm so ready to get my Sass on for London Fashion Week, just you wait for what's in store ;)

Stay Sassy, xoxo