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Silver October Sass

Hey babes,

So this week I've decided to answer one of your questions and channel a 'Silver October Sass' look. "How do I sass one colour throughout an outfit without completely failing" you ask? Well here you have it. Let's call it my Modern Day Princess Leia look -  minus the buns but plennnty of sass!

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Notice how the accessories contrast the actual outfit. Minor details play a huge part as to whether or not you're going to be able to pull of such a simple yet a statement outfit like this. Furthermore the black bag matching the block heel of the ankle boots are teamed to subtly break up the constant silver (grey if you wish) palette throughout the outfit.


Ok I'll be honest, it's easy to f**k it up terribly lol. But if you follow these tactful sassy tips you shall undoubtedly be able to rock how to overdo one colour for that simple yet statement number. Take a risk!

Stay Sassy, xoxo

Jacket: Missguided

Crop Top: Missguided

Crop leggings: Missguided

Boots: Public Desire

Earrings: Souksy London