This year Bestival made it's return on August 2nd - 5th at the incredible Lulworth Castle for four days of sassy, glitter fuelled and EXTRA AF fun. Let me just begin by praising hallelujah to the fact that they decided to hold the festival a month earlier this year. As much as I enjoyed it in September unfortunately if you live in the UK you'll understand the frustration that is accompanied by September due to the uncertainty of weather conditions. Muddy boots aren't quite as much fun and most definitely are not sassy! Anyway, this year Bestival attendees were graced with endless sun and it was incredible.

Shop the light up face gems from  Festival Faces Group here.

Shop the light up face gems from Festival Faces Group here.

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If you've been keeping up with my festival glamping over the past couple of years then you'll know how much I love staying with Hotel Bell Tent. The name of their company pretty much sums up the type experience you will have. Their pamper tent is definitely my favourite part of the package which comes with huge hollywood style mirrors perfect for all sassy festival queens to get ready each morning. Guest facilities consist of a reception where the staff are based to host guests, a phone charging tent, pamper tent and a cosy communal tent for relaxing. Click here to check out their website for further information about their services and any upcoming events.

Shop the face gems from Shine Shack   here.

Shop the face gems from Shine Shack here.

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This year's theme was 'Circus' which obviously means dress as crazy and as colourful as you can, so I did just that. As much as I idolise Grace Jones she definitely gave me a run for my money with the plethora of gorgeous headdresses that she wore for her sassy performance. Now when I say never fail to show up and slay EXTRA AF, that is how we should all do it! Yaaas Grace Jones. Make sure to watch my 'Festival' highlight on my Instagram to catch up if you missed out on my live Bestival updates.

Shop the iridescent sequin coat from     Glitter Disco Child here.

Shop the iridescent sequin coat from Glitter Disco Child here.

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I truly believe that festivals are definitely some of the happiest places on earth, I never fail to meet so many lovely and crazy individuals. This was my third year attending Bestival for 'The most colourful show on earth' and what a fantastic weekend it was! My first ever sassy Bestival after movie will be going live to my YouTube very channel soon so make sure to keep and eye out for it. I'll see you next year Bestival!

Stay sassy, xoxo

Gypsy Crown Hat: Electric Peacock

Sequin Epaulettes: Burning Playa

Triangle Bralet: Sea Dragon Studio

Holographoic Hot Pants: Sea Dragon Studio

Feather Mohawk: Feathers & Thread

Eye Eye Captain Hat: Gypsy - Blood

Iridescent Sequin Coat: Glitter Disco Child

Deadmau5 bra: RML Designs

Timberland Boots: Office

Fishnet Tights: Boohoo