Hello Lovely's, 

Now I know I'm not the only one feeling the crisp February chill in full effect... Here's a few simple  fashion survival tips.

Why not try swapping your daily pair of trousers for thigh high boots? Super comfy to walk in and a necessity for any sassy ladies wardrobe, especially throughout the winter season. I got mine from Ego and would definitely recommend you invest in a pair, Nancy Sinatra didn't sing "These boots are made for walking" for nothing.

We're all going crazy for fishnets this season, so team them with a simple dress, warm coat and you'll be able to join me strutting your way down the sassy lane.


There you have it, a sexy and simple winter daytime outfit. Be sure to be the ultimate Queen this season and sass your warm headwear like a crown! 

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Stay Sassy, xoxo

Coat: Missguided

Boots: Ego Official

Sunglasses: Topshop