Hey dolls, 

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Forge & Co for a late lunch and drinks. Known for its versatile trendy social working space this venue boasts of a stylish dining area accompanied by its of course stylish lounge area. Perfectly located on trendy Shoreditch High Street, they have an extended co working space on their top two floors specially for businesses and individuals that choose to rent their desks short or long term. Let's not forget to mention they also have DJ's playing from the evening on the weekends.

Warmly welcomed by the staff (The receptionist loved my sunglasses just saying) and the lovely manager Theo. Both myself and a friend were stunned he so effortlessly guessed our favourite cocktails (Pornstar & Espresso Martini FYI). 


Their amazing coffee is what initially attracted me to the venue, so if I'd ever find myself in Shoreditch I always without fail pop in to pick up a latte. My first of many dining experience was simply wonderful. The food was delicious, along with the beautiful presentation my favourite thing on the menu had to be the Butternut squash & white bean soup as a starter alongside opting for their Grilled Rib Eye steak for the main course.

So you've heard it here from the Queen of Sass, make sure to plan a visit to Forge & Co sooner rather than later!

Stay Sassy, xoxo